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About Me    

Welcome to my blog! In brief, for anyone who doesn’t know me too well, I grew up in south east England, along with my many siblings, and being the early 80’s most days were spent wearing pink leggings and matching shell-suits! Now you see why it has to be brief! At an early age I took an interest in art, preferably drawing, painting and designing things and as the years went by my passion turned to music.

I started writing lyrically from the age of 8 and incidentally stumbled into a poetic world! Being a dreamer, it seemed to fit perfectly! But as the years went on I began to write more avidly and by the age of 15 I was carrying a notepad and pen and writing short stories at every opportunity. What started as careless notion for diversity as a shy child, became my ultimate desire in life and this is why I have started a blog. This is a place for me to share those passions, my ambitions and dreams, and that at it’s best are my stories!

Along with my writing you will find my artwork and photography, all subjects are on the right handside, and don’t forget my blog is now on a seperate page. Thanks in advance to everyone visiting, your support means a great deal to me!  

For anyone who has an interest in my work please feel free to email me at


16 Responses

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. You have so many interesting things to read. Can’t wait to catch up!

  2. You’re welcome to the comments, I really enjoyed your poems! I’m going to add you to my blogroll too, thanks for doing that by the way, feel honoured!

  3. Amazing ! You are great as your ideas and works. This Blog is beautifull.

  4. Jbortti! How are you?! It’s been so long since I’ve spoken to you! Thanks for coming to have a look, you always have nice things to say – thank you!

  5. HI NIC, lovely blog spot buddy…will join you too….i love ur writings and will always love to be in touch with you…Love you so much
    I am what i am today because of ur comments

  6. Hey lovely, you’re too kind do you know that? Thank you for coming over and taking a look and for the lovely comment! Are you joining wordpress?! Because that would be great!

  7. Hey girl! I just wanted to tell you that I love your new novel. I think it has a lot of potential! I can not wait for the next chapter!

  8. Hello lovely! Nothing like getting a compliment from another writer like yourself, thank you for that and for checking my blog out! Working on getting more of Bang, Bang! posted this morning!

  9. Hey Nic, how wonderful that you’ve got your own blog! It looks great; I especially love the title painting of the siblings. Will check out more by and by. All the best!


  10. Urja, thank you so much for taking a look, I’m chuffed! I have lots to do to it yet but working at it. Looking forward to hearing more of you, thanks again lovely!

  11. Hey don’t you have a birthday coming up???

  12. Yep! I do indeed, I’m going to make a few plans. Probably go out for dinner with my folks and some time for myself would be good thought too. I suspect I will have a quiet glass of wine! Thanks for remembering! x

  13. Dearest Nixie just visiting your site you can contact me by e-mail at will look for your comments on booksie too, how are you?
    I have been a painter since i was about 16 years of age a poet since i was 18 and a writer since i was at school although nothing published to date.
    You look even more glamourous with your page expanded.
    I was brought up in the south east of england too although i was born in St.Albans (veralamium) always remember the summer picnics in the local park near the abbey and getting stung by a swarm of bees whilst eating my cheese and onion sandwich.

  14. Aw, memories huh? I’m good here thanks, had a busy couple of weeks with Christmas and seeing the family and all that jazz. How was your trip away over the holidays?

    Thanks for the email addy, I will be in touch and thanks for checking out my website. You should consider publishing you know! I’m planning on doing it all this year… I’m remaining optimistic! Fingers crossed!

  15. Hey. Did you take your work down off of Booksie????

  16. Hello! I have insomnia and just thought that I would say hello:)

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