Developing my blog!

Hi all!

This is just to let anyone interested know that I’m currently working on developing this page so posts may be slow for most part of next week. I hope to build a separate page for each section, for example, ‘Novels’ will have its own page and will have tabs for each novel. This applies to my artwork and photography too. In the meantime I will try to get a few posts up but hope to offer more as soon as I’m done!

Thanks to everyone who has visited this page so far, really appreciate all the support!


Remember Tina Arena?

Most of you who know me will agree when I say I am madly passionate about music! So, I feel it’s about time I start introducing that part of me into my blog. Before you ask, I am planning on adding a few songs of my own at some point but I need to find the courage first and quite frankly that’s not going to happen today! But keep your eyes open, or ears peeled even, as the idea is warming to me.

On to Tina Arena. I’m sure most of you are wondering who she is, but no need to worry, your looking at her number one fan right here! Unashamed to admit, I’ve been so for a long time and still hold a lot of admiration for her, I decided to share her with you. It seems every now and then when I feel the need to evaluate my life, or when I’m in a situation that leaves me emotionally unstable I reach for a CD. I will always choose something that puts me in a happy place, usually in a good time in my life and Tina Arena’s music does that for me.

It was when I was 15 years old, ironically a sad time as it was at my Granddads funeral that I was introduced to her music. But, sad as it the time was, her music was of inspiration and throughout the years almost a familiar friend who I can reach for when in need of a little comfort. So, with this I have added one of my favourite songs of hers which you can listen to by hitting the tag ‘Tina Arena – Burn’ and I’ve added a few links for anyone who would like to know what happened to her! All that’s to say is that this is the first of many and I hope you enjoy!

Tina Arena – Burn

Tina’s official website:

Tina’s Australian official website:

Writers Block

When having trouble with writers block, write about it? It’s all I could manage at the time! This is just a working title, any ideas for a better one, give me a shout!
Writers Block

With my fingers like legs

To the body of her spine

She stands on her tip

Awaiting orders to entwine

And there upon the white run

My hand slips to her thigh

Yet no touch can warm her ink

No matter how hard I try

And so I rest her head

As the words in me subside

For I can not catch her beauty

On this blank page tonight


The Petal

This was a poem I wrote after a bad situation finally ended. It was a long time coming and I knew it, so was a good feeling! 


The Petal

The petal drops

And scrapes the air.

A butterfly in motion,

Silently moving

Left to right,

Right to left.

This the last leg

Of the final mile,

Till it hits the ground

And my heart sighs.






My Ghosts

Another little poem – hoping that I’m not the only one with these kind of ghosts!  
My Ghosts
Sometimes I see you.
You’re the ghost of my past.
You smile at me like a child,
Like a puppy,
Like a long lost friend who’d been meaning to call.
Don’t think for one second
That because I smile, we are friends.
Don’t think that because I feel you standing there,
That you hold me back.
When the time comes
You will disappear,
Your memory will fade
And just like a bad dream
I will wake up and you will be gone, forever!

Bang, Bang! Chapter 3

For anyone interested I’ve updated my novel Bang, Bang! on my Booksie profile, the link is below. I decided considering the content that I’d offer the link rather than post the complete chapter here on my blog. Hope you like!

Remembering New Zealand

This is just a short poem and I had planned to add more photo’s with it but for some reason that didn’t quite work. Still getting used to wordpress at the moment but I’m thinking about writing something more of my time in New Zealand, if I do I shall add more photo’s with it.

Remembering New Zealand


All summer long

The blue stretched beyond the mountains

Where Whakapapa their mother,

Still tipped with snow,

Watched as we made for Tupou,

And when those midnight fireflies

Came to rest her pounamu eyes,

We laid on the docks and watched

For shooting stars in the night sky.

 Now a world away,

Aotearoa, stays in my memory

And I wonder if Whakapapa, their mother

Still remembers me.