I’m Back!

Hi all! A few things to mention, first of all to say I’m back from my holiday and ready to write again! Second to inform you of all of a few new changes and additions to my page. Some of the changes are visually obvious and I hope you all like the new layout (if not, I need you to tell me why so I can change it). The other updates include new photo’s from Barbados in the Photography page and new paintings in the artwork page, both of which I have more to add to in the forthcoming weeks! I also have some new poems and short stories which I’m to post in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone still visiting my blog in my absence! Have to say it’s nice to be back, though missing the sun!


Foolish Promise

This is an old poem that I haven’t wanted to post till now. Just to reasure you all, I’m glad to say it’s an old feeling!  

Foolish Promise

I looked at you

And saw the world you created

With a perfect blue sky

Before the silent call of night


Every word spoken

Came from that which you desired

The thoughts I had risen

Always lingered down below


Now I look at you

And see your world closing in

The echoes of your past

Circling shadows at you feet


While in the empty room

Left abandoned and unwanted

The chair of which you sat

And read my every word


You showed me a place

Built on a foolish promise

And took it away

Without the courtesy of a goodbye

The New Blog!

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for their patience while I’ve been working on my blog. Just in short, the blog has now moved to a separate page and the home page is now fixed as ‘About Me’. You can find the links to each page including ‘My Blog’ on the right hand side. I hope this isn’t too confusing and that you find your way around without any problems.


Second, I would just like to advise I’m on holiday from the 10th to the 22nd. During this time I won’t have internet access, though I might locate an internet cafe if I’m lucky! I will try to get more work up, specifically my poetry and short stories before I go.


Again, thanks to everyone visiting my site, I hope you like the changes I’ve made. Any problems let me know!    



An Execution of the Heart

An Execution of the Heart

By Nicola Brooks

I stand at the bedroom doorway, unseen, I am able to look at her, my lover, my soul mate, my wife, and remember her and all our years together. Her face is as beautiful as it ever was, with a story to tell.We met, 45 years ago, eating fish taco’s on the Las Vegas strip. I’d run out of money, she’d run out on her boyfriend. Ah, time has taken us on a journey; Las Vegas was just the start, then followed marriage, children, and grandchildren. Now I have to be stronger than ever and help her end the pain. Because I love her.I watch her apply a layer of red on her lips, the way I remember her doing in a cracked mirror, in that one-stop shack, the morning after we met. We haven’t spent a day apart since, not even the night before our wedding.  

My thoughts escape me as she closes the lipstick and turns and frowns at me. “Do you like this outfit, is it too much?” she say’s nervously and pats the blue matted skirt at the thigh.

She probably knew I was there all along, but didn‘t want to see my heart breaking, or see me with doubts. I look her up and down; she is wearing the white blouse that I bought her last year, the one with a pattern of a rose on one side of the collar. I step inside and place both hands on her arms. “You look just perfect.” I nod and try to smile at her.

“I love you, Burt.” she say’s, taking my shaking hands in hers, steadying them none.

I can not speak and so I pull her into me and hold her. She is warm, and I tell myself over and over to remember this.

With her head on my shoulder she whispers into my ear “It’s time…” and pulls away from my grip on her. As we separate she takes my face in her hands, and I close my eyes as she gently places those red laced lips against mine. I do not open my eyes, even after her hands slip from my cheeks.

“Sweetheart?” She beckons me to open them again, and even though it hurts, I find her green eyes and caress them with mine.

I hide the words I long to say – selfish words, and we do not speak as we follow each other into the bathroom, our hands linked until I reach for the bathroom cabinet. On the second shelf, her pharmacy sits in some daily order; Selenium, Beta Carotene, Vitamins A… and my hand finds the desired bottles; Melatonin and Astragalus.

I take them bringing them closer to my enfeebled eyes. She looks at me as I do, and reassures me with a smile, they are the right ones.

In the bedroom, we open the bottles and lay the pills out, a set of white and pink dots on the bedside drawer. I pass her a glass of water and with my hand in hers, I watch as one by one she takes them.

She holds the last one out in front of her and smiles at it. That smile is the same smile I found myself falling in love with, and watching her is breaking my heart.

Her eyes are already closing when I lay her back against the puffed pillows and her lips start to bleed red, as the lipstick smudges from my kisses. I whisper sweet words and I cry at her frail body as it weakens and falls loosely on the bed; her eyes are closed, her face stiff.

I look at her, I beg for her open her eyes again, long to hear her speak – tell me I’m a useless husband for not washing the dishes last night! Anything!

She does not move.

I panic… I can not see it through!

The ambulance arrives minutes later. I tell them I found her on the bed. They think it’s an attempted suicide, and try to save her by pumping her stomach, but it is too late.

My wife dies on the way to hospital and I am left alone with my guilt. I am lost without her. She is left in peace, without the scares of Cancer



A Solar Romance

This was something that had been brewing in my mind for a while, I liked the idea of the moon longing for the sun and actually, I’m thinking about writing a second poem from the suns point of view. Will see if I do or not! Also, just to say I couldn’t think of a good title so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!



Oh Moon,

What a silly affair this is

Beaming with desire

In the dark of the night


Just look at the mess

You’ve got yourself into

Playing two and throw

With the rising Sun!


You are not lovers walking

Hand in hand beside the river

Nor a couple kissing

Below a starlit sky


 You are complete opposites

Only acquainted by time

 Forever dreaming

Of a solar eclipse


Hello again!


First of all I need to apologise for not being very active here lately. The development is coming along, I have started to change the layout, on your right you will see the pages available to view though keep in mind I’m still working on them. The Artwork and Photography pages will be update later today or tomorrow as I need to be at home for that and I’m currently at work.


If you come across any problems or something isn’t looking quite right please let me know. Still learning, but I think I’m getting better at this! Again, thanks for everyone who is visiting and checking back!