A new poem! This one has a rather personal touch. I think this is about the unattainable and the peace acceptance can bring. Time keeps on ticking! Anyhow, it’s called Moonbeam, I hope you enjoy it.


Little moonbeam

Trapped in the shadows

What a dangerous hold

You have over me

When reaching out

So far into the distance

Shrouded with desire

And the longing to be loved

I tenderly watch

With my fingers extended

As your light disappears

At the hands of time



One Response

  1. Hy dear sister, lovely shot or stroke. How were you, long time no see well i am too too busy since last 4 to 5 months,that’s the reason i couldn’t do any comment or chat – emails. Well whats going on over there and How was the Christmas Celebration. and how is the family members over there. Please when you have some time write an email to me.

    Wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year in advanced.
    Have a very nice time to you and May God bless to you.
    Your brother- Vicky.punne4e

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