This Place

I built this place,
With my bare hands,
With every brick,
I gave it life.
I stayed inside,
And breathed her in,
With every beat,
I painted her heart,
Made her perfect,
Ready for love
Come what may,
But now this heart
And everything I believed in,
Is slipping through my fingers,
Into pieces on the floor




A new poem! This one has a rather personal touch. I think this is about the unattainable and the peace acceptance can bring. Time keeps on ticking! Anyhow, it’s called Moonbeam, I hope you enjoy it.


Little moonbeam

Trapped in the shadows

What a dangerous hold

You have over me

When reaching out

So far into the distance

Shrouded with desire

And the longing to be loved

I tenderly watch

With my fingers extended

As your light disappears

At the hands of time


Autumn (new poem)

Here I am “finally” with something new to share with you all. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately and was up writing at 3am this morning, the up side is I tend to write my best stuff when I’m tired. This one simply comes down to my love of Autumn! 


Black against the light of day

And basking in the act of autumn,

The Oak now stripped of her troubles

Is left with her arms in all directions.

She is seemingly taller,

With her feet firmly in the earth

But trembles at my touch

As she awaits the chill of winter.

Do not be afraid, she stirs

Her limbs swaying in the gentle wind,

We must open our hearts to change

And trust that the sun will warm us.