A Solar Romance

This was something that had been brewing in my mind for a while, I liked the idea of the moon longing for the sun and actually, I’m thinking about writing a second poem from the suns point of view. Will see if I do or not! Also, just to say I couldn’t think of a good title so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!



Oh Moon,

What a silly affair this is

Beaming with desire

In the dark of the night


Just look at the mess

You’ve got yourself into

Playing two and throw

With the rising Sun!


You are not lovers walking

Hand in hand beside the river

Nor a couple kissing

Below a starlit sky


 You are complete opposites

Only acquainted by time

 Forever dreaming

Of a solar eclipse


2 Responses

  1. This is nice and light:)
    I hope to see some of your artwork soon.

  2. Hey, thank you for that Carolina! I have a few ideas for more but I’ve off on holiday in a few days so willl have to wait to post anything. Think I will be writing on the beach! 🙂

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