Remember Tina Arena?

Most of you who know me will agree when I say I am madly passionate about music! So, I feel it’s about time I start introducing that part of me into my blog. Before you ask, I am planning on adding a few songs of my own at some point but I need to find the courage first and quite frankly that’s not going to happen today! But keep your eyes open, or ears peeled even, as the idea is warming to me.

On to Tina Arena. I’m sure most of you are wondering who she is, but no need to worry, your looking at her number one fan right here! Unashamed to admit, I’ve been so for a long time and still hold a lot of admiration for her, I decided to share her with you. It seems every now and then when I feel the need to evaluate my life, or when I’m in a situation that leaves me emotionally unstable I reach for a CD. I will always choose something that puts me in a happy place, usually in a good time in my life and Tina Arena’s music does that for me.

It was when I was 15 years old, ironically a sad time as it was at my Granddads funeral that I was introduced to her music. But, sad as it the time was, her music was of inspiration and throughout the years almost a familiar friend who I can reach for when in need of a little comfort. So, with this I have added one of my favourite songs of hers which you can listen to by hitting the tag ‘Tina Arena – Burn’ and I’ve added a few links for anyone who would like to know what happened to her! All that’s to say is that this is the first of many and I hope you enjoy!

Tina Arena – Burn

Tina’s official website:

Tina’s Australian official website:


2 Responses

  1. I share the same sentiments fellow Tina Arena fanatic. I’ve been a fan for more than 10 yrs now and still getting inspired by Tina herself. Her new music is stronger now. Don’t fail to check Songs of Love and Loss 2.

    Take care. 🙂

  2. At last, another fan as dedicated as me! I have ‘Songs of Love and Loss part one, I think the second has just come out so will get to it! Thank you for reading! Oh, and it was Tina’s birthday yesterday wasn’t it, did she turn she 40?

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