Blast From The Past

I came across this self portrait a few days ago and thought I would share it. I think it’s about 8 years old! I don’t know though… does it look like me?! I have one of when I was 15 too but there’s no way I’m letting that one loose!


2 Responses

  1. ^^Hello Nic, How are you, i hope you are fit as a fiddle. Well this is my first comment on my sister’s site, by the way this portrait really little bit matches with your face. Where you found it. Well this is the best way to interact with rest of your friends, near and dear ones….Really i am very happy to see this of your blog..dear Many congrats on it. Is it designed by yourself or its free theme please tell me. Now i will regularly come here if all will be well.
    Its another Good way to know daily things of someone’s life other than emails. I will also try it on wordpress very soon.
    Once again many congratulation for it to you and May God bless you.

    Please convey my regards to all over there in family and lots of love,affection and of course Respect for you.

    Your brother-VICKY.punne4e

  2. Vicky, thank you so much for coming to take a look, glad you like it! How have you been? Would be a great idea if you decide to start a blog here, especially seeing as like making websites and such. I imagine you could do something amazing with it! Any tips let me know by the way …Still have my desktop up! 😉

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