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As my first post I’d like to suggest that for those of you who do not know me (that’s to those of you who haven’t been persuaded by me to come take a look) to read my ‘About Me’ page as it offers some indication as to why I am here on weblog. For those of you who do know me, I would love to get your opinion on what you think I so far! In fact, I’m kind of hoping to get some feedback! I know,  pretty dull for a first post but I shall be back with another shortly! ~ Nix


One Response

  1. Hey Nic, don’t you think i don’t know who are you… Nic, Nixie,Nicola Brooks and others..hahahaa!! Who are you? and where are you living? Ya ya i know…i know, you are nic my elder sister that’s love write,paint and music a lot as me. Well very warm welcome to you,here..i mean on net by the way what is internet, as per my personal definiton INTERNET- nothing is running away. haha!!

    Well nic i’ll come back here very soon to tell you something interesting site and there features.

    till then check this one out- http://www.goodreads.com
    you could also find me over there with username punne4e.

    What’s going on now a days tell me, well here this is the festive season in india because “deewali” is very near if u know then Deewali is the biggest festivle in india so have a happy deewali in advance..OK!!

    Have a very nice week to you and May God bless you.

    Your brother-VICKY.punne4e

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